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About Advanced Rail Technologies

It is recognised that a high proportion of beneficial technological improvements over recent years are formed within specific niche applications and market sectors. Frequently the limited size or specific scope of the company developing these systems and products restricts the exposure of the financial benefits of the rail application of the technology outside their immediate country or market. The usual cause of such constraints is the availability within a company to the funding of marketing resources and speculative initiative. In addition a company may not be aware of the potential of, or have the expertise to promote their product within the rail market. It is in this field that Advanced Rail Technologies is becoming increasingly active.

Advanced Rail Technologies assists and supports companies to market their niche products within the global rail market. Whilst initially this may be in the form of consultancy ART are keen to develop relationships with companies on the basis of marketing incentives, sales agreements and licenses whereby our reward is tied to promotional success supported by our judgment and expertise.