Advanced Rail Technologies
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Advanced Rail Technologies (ART) assists and supports companies to market their niche products within the global rail market. We're currently doing this in two main product areas:

  • Train planning, scheduling and simulation systems – ART offers a range of products from leading companies, including:

  • Operational Rail Simulation We offer a full simulation service for rail operation including capacity management assessment and train performance calculations.

    Train Planning, Scheduling Conflict Detection and Resolution For large complex projects ART can arrange for the tasks to be undertaken including Resource Planning, Train Crew Rostering, Crew Optimisation and Maintenance Planning.

    Rapid Transit, and Bus system total Operation and Management ART represents Omnibus Systems, leaders in the field of Rapid Transit and Bus scheduling and operation with international experience.

  • Train location, control and protection systems – our state-of-the-art portfolio includes:

  • ART Track Warrant and Train Register System – a truly low-cost option for train control and dispatch offices.

    Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS) – an established and lower-cost alternative to full ATP systems.

    Data Loggers – an essential aid to modern infrastructure maintenence.


Rail safety is consistently developing a higher profile drive by both reasoned and responsible management and to a degree through the litigation culture affecting the rail industry. Advanced Rail Technologies apply where required our associate group who have proven experience and expertise in incident analysis and proactive studies to minimise hazard within the rail scene. The company has been involved with investigation and procedural recommendations at the major British Rail Incidents where finding have resulted in significant change to Signalling, Driving environmental design and operations practice over the past five years. In addition hazard investigation and assessments have been undertaken within the international scene including Australasia, Arabia and China. Prior to expenditure of high cost infrastructure rolling stock and signalling/control systems, hazard management assessment now plays a key role in scheme approval economics and justification. It is within these developments that Advanced Rail Technologies can offer an effective service.